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We are making the LEADERSHIFT, TIME to SHIFT the MIND-SET!

“We cannot be the same, think the same, and act the same if we hope to be successful in a world that does not remain the same” – Leadershift ~~John C. Maxwell.

Lillian Opiyo with Dr. John Maxwell



Transformational Coach & Servant Leader

Lillian’s life journey is about Transformation & Excellence; with a strong belief that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, seeking the highest calling in her life while empowering others to find theirs too.

In 2018, under the mentorship of Dr John C. Maxwell, she founded The Leadershift Group Kenya, a partnership-oriented organization focused on Training for Transformation. Inspired by the exemplary Leadership at the John Maxwell Team and in particular the story of Paraguay where a single member of the Team was able to steer the Country Transformation movement, that today has seen thousands go through Transformational Leadership Training in Paraguay.

Lillian took the challenge to be a champion of Transformation in Kenya, setting up community centres of excellence in collaboration with higher institutions of learning to provide young leaders and the community continuous Leadership Development programs. The centres cater for round- table leadership trainings open every quarter to individuals and small groups within the community


Transformational Coach & Servant Leader

As an Independent Executive Director, Trainer, Speaker & Coach of the John Maxwell Team, she also serves young learners in schools through the value-based curriculum training for a sustainable foundation in Leadership, while supporting corporate  young women on the Personal Development journey through coaching and mentorship programs.

She is the host of annual Live2Lead Day of leadership learning in Nairobi. This is a key pillar on her journey of growth to impact the community, developing the younger generation that she’s passionate about.

Lillian Opiyo At International Maxwell Certification

As a mentorship member with support from the world-class mentors on the Mentorship and Coaching program, Lillian is Inspired to ACT for CHANGE, committed to public service and service to humanity while learning and growing in Leadership; guided by her mantra “CHANGE begins with ME”.

Lillian is a proud mother of 3, Ted, Florrie Tracy and Alva.


The John Maxwell Team is an elite group of professionals, coaches and trainers who are trained, equipped and certified under the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, Dr.  John C. Maxwell’s proven leadership principles. Our mission is to add value to our communities and the society at large while expanding the John Maxwell legacy of transforming lives.